Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Lights!

Well, it took a few days to get all the Christmas lights up, but they are finally up! If I'm not mistaken, we've bought Christmas lights every year that we've been married (3 years) but have never put up Christmas lights. We have either been at my parents, or Beth's dad's house or in Brazil. We are going to be in Houston again this year, but we decided we were going to put up lights anyway. We bought our tree the day after Christmas when we were in Houston several years ago but hadn't set it up either. So, after several evenings of fun we now have our tree up and very nicely decorated by Beth, and we have our lights up. My lovely wife says it looks like the lights were professionally installed, and I will gladly accept that compliment! You can't see it all that well in the picture of the house lights, but the Christmas tree lights are visible through the office window, almost directly below the cross. ...and I wasn't going to advertise my own embarrassment, but I think I will anyway. As I was in the attic, about to plug in the power cord for the cross, I don't really remember exactly what I did, but I found myself looking down at my washing machine through a freshly punched out hole in my ceiling. I thought about taking a picture and putting it up here, but maybe I'll just post before and after pictures once I've got it fixed. So anyway, later this week I'm going to invite a buddy or two over for a "fix my ceiling" party! :-)

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Al, Rachel and Hava said...

looks good, old buddy, old pal....all except the hole in the ceiling...I can see it from here! :o)