Friday, December 14, 2007

Libby is the best!

No, not Scooter Libby. LIBBY Hallock, our german shepherd mix! She's got the biggest ears of any good lookin' dog out there. Libby is crazy... she eats the soap while we're giving her a bath, and she drinks the water too! We got her about 3 months ago from a shelter, and haven't had any problems with her (except when we left her in the house by herself once). She is very well mannered, most of the time. She loves her toy chicken. For Christmas, she's getting a replacement chicken. :-)

This post is short and sweet, just like her!

Co-authored by Jeremy & Beth.

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Al, Rachel and Hava said...

HA! Cute! Tell Libby we need to meet her, but no sniffing our unmentionables! :o)