Monday, December 03, 2007

The sad plight of Iraqi Christians -- Post Saddam

Over the last few years I have followed some of the news about the persecution of Christians in Iraq. I'm going to keep this post short, but basically, Christians had protection under Saddam Hussein. He may have been an evil person but he was a secular Muslim and did not persecute Christians. After Saddam was removed from power, the country has been taken over by militant muslims. Not only the "insurgents", but also the political leaders. Sharia law rules in Iraq. Christians are murdered for simply being Christians. Many Christian churches in Iraq have been bombed, including the one in this photo. Most of the million plus Iraqi Christians have either had to flee Iraq or have been killed.

Here is a recent 60 minutes segment that gives a pretty good glimpse of what is going on in Iraq.

I have a difficult time with the widespread support of the Iraq War by so many American Christians. A prominent Christian professor actually told me recently that what is happening to Christians is not at all relevant to whether or not we should consider the war right or wrong. For the record, I disagree. I've talked about it before, but one issue we must consider is whether or not this war conforms to the Just War Theory. I will be posting more about that later as I would like to get deep into that discussion. In the mean time, we should be in constant prayer for our fellow believers in Iraq, and for that matter, in all countries where they are persecuted for their faith. We should also be eternally grateful to God for the freedoms we have to live out and share our faith in this country.


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